You know why I like the Reality Television Series from Donald Trump? All things considered, in light of the fact that I love it when they fire Lawyers on the show? Whenever a lawyer is on the show I simply love to see them get canned in disfavor you see? I anticipate a magnificent future when there are no more lawyers by any stretch of the imagination.

A future with misleadingly canny mechanical android lawyers or an ai lawyers and maybe when an attorney kicks the bucket we essentially stick their heads on one of these android automated bodies and make them live the remainder of endlessness as a humanoid robot. A horrific experience on the off chance that you will be caught in their little universe of made up untruths and words. Wouldn’t that be exceptional?

Inconceivable you state? All things considered, really it is an entirely conceivable future and one we should ensure happens as expected. You will before long have the option to purchase a Lawyer, a dead attorney, however human interfaced with a mechanical body and you stick it in your office or two or three them and at whatever point you need legitimate exhortation or something to shout at there they are in their own living damnation.

At the point when you conclude that they need a redesign you just pop another circle in their mind or CD Rom of the most recent new laws that different attorneys have concocted so they can let out the appropriate responses when you ask the semi-dead damnation bound lawyer a legitimate inquiry.

You see once these units become accessible we can fire the various lawyers and utilize these android units as our slaves. After all they state the main great lawyer is a dead lawyer and later on possibly we can have the best of the two universes? Think about this in 2036.

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