At the point when a tumbler is playing out their level 4 gymnastics bar routine they will just utilize one bar, the low bar according to the best gymnastics bars detail guide. An athlete may utilize a tangle or a spring board to mount the bar; this must be expelled when the tumbler mounts. On the off chance that the gymnastics mat or spring board isn’t expelled the acrobat will get a finding from her gymnastics bar routine score.


*Glide Swing-Must take off with two feet and land with two feet. Must have incredible body augmentation. Hands must stay on the bar between the float and pullover.

*Pullover-Must draw over with two feet. Try not to bounce, jump, or venture into the pullover. Ensure the arrival is in a front help with straight arms and a tight body.

*Front Hip Circle-Maintain a straight empty body. Must interface a small cast while leaving the front hip circle.

*Shoot Through (Single Leg Squat Through)- Leg/foot can’t contact or contact the bar when shooting through. Show a walk support toward the finish of the shoot through (hands are the main thing contacting the bar).

*Mill Circle (Forward Stride Circle)- Must show clear walk support toward the start and end (just thing contacting the bar is your hands). Try not to snare knee on the bar while doing this aptitude. Make certain to flip your hands in reverse before doing this gymnastics bar aptitude.

*Cut Back-Be certain to change your hand position before reducing. Keep arms straight and end in an all-inclusive front help when decreasing.

*Cast-Keep legitimate body arrangement. Keep up an empty, straight body from shoulders to toes.

*Back Hip Circle-Keep a straight empty body position while looking after hip/thigh contact on the bar the whole time. Must associate the back hip circle and underswing get off.

*Underswing Dismount once more, keep up a straight empty body with straight arms and an extraordinary body augmentation with flight. Stick your arrival!

A gymnastics bar routine ought not be uneven however should show associations and smoothness all through the whole daily schedule. Every gymnastics bar ability should prompt the following with no breaks in musicality.

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