The older your child gets, the harder it is to keep them entertained. Maybe household toys just aren’t doing the trick anymore, and you need to introduce something new to your toddler’s daily playing routine. If your child still needs to work on their mobility skills or just like ride-around toys, then we can wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a tricycle for your little one.

Tricycle kids trike are a great way to encourage and instill independence in your child from a young age. Not only that, but you won’t have to force your child to walk long distances anymore, either. Whether you need to go to the local store, a neighbor’s house or your job, you can take the tricycle and have your child scoot along. It’s a fantastic means of play, learning and fun.

There are hundreds of companies out on the market that want to sell you their product. If this is your first time buying a tricycle, then all the features, company names, accessories etc. may get confusing. To help you with your first tricycle purchase, we decided to compile a small list of features that you should look for and pay attention to when you buy your child their first trike!

Tricycle Design
Every tricycle has its own, unique design. All the color schemes are different, and the build of the wireframe varies from product to product.

Color Schemes
It’s important to decide what kind of color scheme your child likes before purchasing the product. The easiest way to do this is to take your child to the local toy store and show the toddler trikes available there. Once the decision has been made, you can rest assured that when you go back online to search for the ideal trike, you will know exactly what to look for.

Safety Features
Each tricycle has a different design. Some are bulkier, made of steel or metal frames, and some are thin and made from plastic. They key is to identify where your child will be using the tricycle most. Is it meant to be an outdoors or indoors toy?

Outdoor Tricycles
For outdoor kids tricycles we recommend purchasing a tricycle that has a steel or metal frame and rubber tires. This will ensure that your child can ride both on gravel and dirt roads without worrying about the tricycle getting damaged. Even those these trikes are usually heavier than their plastic alternatives, you can be by your child’s side each step of the way to prevent them from tipping over or save them from bumps on the road.

Indoor Tricycles
If you are planning on having an indoors tricycle for kids, then we recommend something that is light and made out of plastic. It will be easier to carry around the home, and if it falls on your child when they are playing alone it shouldn’t cause any damage.

Features of a Tricycle
Each tricycle has its own distinct feature/s. Some are simple and just meant for riding, while others offer additional play features. Some common accessories in today’s toddler trikes include: a ringing bell, storage spaces (i.e. a box, bin or cupboard), additional seats for extra passengers, steps, stickers etc.

Grow-With-Me Tricycles
One of the most popular tricycle for kids features includes the ‘Grow-With-Me’ function. Essentially, XJD Kids Tricycles allow the tricycle to grow with your child. Usually, the trike can be extended and adjusted to fit the child’s height as they grow. Some tricycles are meant to take your child from 1-year-old oriented play to 5-year-old bike play.

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